Jacek Gancarz is a free-lance photographer based in south Florida. He is currently working on long-term self-directed documentary projects.

He is accepting editorial assignments worldwide. He has extensive experience in Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America. He is fluent in Polish and Spanish.

He is also available for commissioned portraits, photojournalistic weddings, corporate, fashion and events.

Most of the images are available as original prints in limited editions. Photographs are black and white or color depending on the original negative.

Black and white photographs are silver gelatin prints, hand printed in a darkroom on fiber-based paper and selenium-toned for archival purposes. Color photographs are chromogenic prints printed by a custom photo lab.

Each photograph is signed and numbered on verso then mounted and matted to museum standards. Framing is optional.

Please contact the photographer by e-mail to enquire about the availability, size and price of a particular image.

Some images are available to license for promotional use. Each usage is priced based on factors such as the size of the image used, the media in which it is used, the extent of that usage, the length of time it will be used as well as other factors.

Please contact the photographer by e-mail to enquire about the availability of a particular image.

Jacek Gancarz vigorously protects copyright interests. In the event that an infringement is discovered you will be notified and invoiced the industry-standard triple rate for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for where you will be subject to statutory damages as well as all court costs and attorneys' fees.